All the italians know how important ice-cream is within their gastronomic culture. A technical and passionate preparation is necessary to produce our high quality ice-cream. All of our products are exclusively natural and selected with great care.

Nardulli's ice-cream is always prepared by italian hands with traditional recipes passed down generation to generation and it is this that defines Nardulli's ice-cream from the others.

Come and taste our specialities:



Lemon ice-cream

Our ice-cream is made on the premises with the very best natural ingredients. We proud ourselves to produce one of the best gelato you can get in London. Our creams are all milk based, very low in fat as well as in sugar. Our sorbets are totally fat free and made with fresh fruit and filtered water.

Milk shakes

Milk-shake in london

24 flavours!

Our milkshakes are made to order in our shops where you can choose from twenty-four flavours.


sorbets in london

Fresh fruit

Our Sorbets are all made with fresh fruit, sugar and filtered water.

Flavours: apricot, banana, blackcurrant, blueberry, lemon, mango, mandarin, passion fruit, peach, raspberry and strawberry.


favourite ice-cream with an espresso

Italian coffee

Is a must, especially for the evening, the Nardulli Affogato is one scoop or two of your favourite ice-cream with an espresso. Sophisticated and delicious.

Gelato cakes

Gelato cakes in London

Perfect for parties

We produce ice-cream cakes for every taste at the highest standards. You can choose between three different sizes and a personalised decoration. They are really popular for birthday parties.

Tea, coffee and hot chocolate

Hommade hot chocolate in london

homemade hot chocolate

We have a wide range of teas, a superb variety of coffees and delicious homemade hot chocolate to satisfy every need.

Crepes and waffles

crepes and waffles in London

Crepes and Waffles

We have a wide choice of crepes and waffles to choose from. They are topped with nutella and whipped cream and served with some of our most popular flavours.